Discovering Breton islands

ÎLE DE SEIN (start 18 km)

Floating offshore, Ile de Sein fosters encounters. Solitary encounters in the midst of a pebble field, encounters with raw nature on the wind swept moors, warm encounters with the friendly islanders upon landing on the quay lined with colorful houses.

ÎLES DES GLÉNANS (start 33 km)

Seven islets gathered around an inland sea of crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches.... No, you’re not in the Seychelles but in Brittany! Off the coast of Bénodet, this archipelago competes with other paradises from faraway tropical lands. A waking dream.

ÎLE D’OUESSANT (start 90 km)

The westernmost island of continental France, it is also one of the most beautiful ones. Ouessant, dominated by the famous Créac'h lighthouse, offers a diversity of incomparable landscapes: cliffs, colorful moors, spectacular caps, turquoise waters….

ÎLE DE MOLÈNE (start 90 km)

This rough island where time seems to have come to a halt, is an ideal destination to reenergize. Discover its fauna (sea birds, otters, dolphins, gray seals), take a stroll on the coastal trail or through the village narrow streets where you can enjoy the famous saucisse de Molène, seaweed-smoked sausage.

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